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Meet Clara Helms, the Australian Songstress Crossing Borders Through Music

Meet Clara Helms, the Australian Songstress Crossing Borders Through Music

It's true that music has no language barriers, you could just listen to it and feel it. At our recent FW 19 debut runway show, we sat down with Clara Helms, the International Classical Crossover Pop Opera contemporary singer and songwriter to learn more about the journey behind her Atlantis Shoes campaign shoot and the experience to cross borders through music. 

Your Atlantis Shoes campaign looks awesome. What was it like making that and shooting with Sally & Emily?

Yes, this was an absolutely wonderful shoot. I loved working with Sally and Emily. In fact, everyone from the Atlantis team have been a real pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them more and more. The Atlantis Shoes shoot was at the exquisite Clovelly Beach in Sydney in February. It was a hot day but everyone worked together as a team. There was great communication and they also allowed me to be creative and spontaneous with contributing ideas like the high kick picture on my Instagram! I absolutely loved that this shoot and style was different to my usual, more girly glam style and was more grounded and edgy. I love embodying different styles, looks and characters. 

Atlantis Shoes Clara Helms

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In addition to being involved with Atlantis Shoes, you also flew to Asia to sing at the debut runway collection. How it might be different to perform in Australia?

Yes, I was honoured to be invited to Xiamen, Fujian in China last week to sing at the inaugural fashion show and then head up to Hangzhou for another shoot at MRegina. I sang two songs at the runway, one which was a very famous Chinese love song. It felt incredible to sing this beautiful traditional song in its motherland. This trip was such an adventure and China is a remarkable country which I look forward to returning and experiencing more of its great culture and people. The people were so lovely to work with, the only challenge being my limited Chinese (which I am working on improving) when I needed to communicate technical requirements in the sound check etc. However I had the best assistant, Bonnie who helped me on this trip so I felt very taken care of, respected, and appreciated.  

Clara Helms Atlantis Shoes China

We really enjoyed your cover of “The Moon Represents My Heart.” On the same topic, what represent your heart at the moment?

Thank you. I am flattered and delighted. I’m so grateful that I get to travel the world meeting incredible people, experiencing exciting new cultures all while doing what I love and I’m passionate about. That is my soul food and makes my heart soar. Every day that I get to sing or act or model and work alongside wonderful people is a really special, rewarding day for me. Bonus moments for my heart are family, kitten cuddles, and Pana chocolate.

On a lighter note, what’s your go-to karaoke song?

Haha this is a hard one because, as a singer, I don’t often go to karaoke. However the last time I did karaoke was in Melbourne this year, for Chinese New Year and I sang "Yueliang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" as a duet with a Chinaman which was so much fun! Otherwise I would probably choose a song by my idol, Celine Dion. 

Atlantis Shoes Clara Helms

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Last but not least, any exciting new projects you can share to us? 

I have quite a few exciting projects I am working on at the moment, some of which I can’t yet announce. However I am currently working on preparation and funding for a culturally diverse album recording which will be, in part, original compositions, part Chinese songs, and part Italian/English mixed songs (like my L.A recording of “All By Myself”). I’m also in early stages of organising a concert for later in the year and continuing to improve my Chinese Mandarin in preparation for my next China trip.

To keep up to date with Clara's adventures, follow her on social media and website here.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ClaraHelms

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClaraHelmsOfficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ClaraHelms

Website: www.clarahelms.com  

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