Our Guide to Winter Wonderland Destinations

Our Guide to Winter Wonderland Destinations

Winter celebrations brighten up the darkest months of the year all over the world, and some locations are particular picturesque during this time. Here are our favourite 3 destinations to visit during winter around Australia:

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a top choice for many a round the world trip, offering everything from dramatic mountainscapes, glaciers, bubbling geothermal pools to incredible drives and tucked-away beaches. 

Milford Sound

2. Falls Creek, VIC

A family snow and ski resort destination, Falls Creek has terrain diverse enough to satisfy a family of immeasurably divergent skiing abilities. Lean back, drink in the space and cruise on one of the 90 beginner and intermediate focused trails.

Falls Creek Victoria

3. Bunya Mountains, Queensland

The Bunya Mountains has enough freeze to snap a twig or two, and on rare occasions, welcomes in a little snowfall. Settle into your chalet surrounded by curious wallabies and ancient bunya pines, recognisable by their rounded tops and large pineapple-shaped cones with 50-100 edible nuts.

Bunya Mountain Queensland

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