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Portrait of An Artist: Lily Duffy

Portrait of An Artist: Lily Duffy

  We've caught up with artist and style muse, Lily Duffy for a quick chat about her paintings, magic bags, favourite Atlantis Shoes Footurama White sneakers. Bold, graphic, and colourful, here’s how Lily Duffy wears hers.


 Can you tell us more about your painting process ?
Absolutely, I’d love to. My painting process is very intuitive. It’s how I connect to my joy. The process is me being in a moment of not knowing, not knowing where the brush stroke will go, what will come and how it will unfold. 
I love the titles you give your paintings. How do you find them ?
The names just come, a friend has helped me name several of the works. The others arrive, it’s like the final part of the creation process - the name.
I’ve noticed you’ve painted a lot of flowers in your pictures. Why is flower a compelling topic to explore? 
Follow Lily's journey on her Instagram @lilyrose_duffy and website www.lilyroseduffy.com
Photos and words by Emily May Gunawan
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