This Is the 2018 Way to Wear Flip-Flops

This Is the 2018 Way to Wear Flip-Flops

It's safe to say there isn't another shoe style that rivals the polarising feelings people have about flip-flops. There's no denying that flip flops (or thongs) are back on the must-shop list for 2018. On the summer runways, the casual footwear was paired with elegant dresses, namely more feminine silhouettes instead of the ultra-casual ensembles you might expect. So if you're looking to bring the sandals back into your wardrobe this year, try wearing them with an unexpectedly fancy ensemble. Take notes from these runway inspirations...


1. The Fairy Dust

Add some sparkles with a glittery outfit a la Kendall Jenner at Michael Kors Spring 2018.

Michael Kors Kendall Jenner



2. It's All About The Lines

Contrary to popular belief, don't be afraid to mix and match vertical and horizontal stripes! Thanks to Valentino Resort 2018 for the inspiration.

Valentino Resort 2018



3. When In Doubt, Wear Red

As seen on Dion Lee Resort 2018 Show in Sydney, red is the colour of passion and power. Tone it down a little bit with a minimalistic yet sleek number to match your favourite pair of Atlantis Shoes thongs.


Dion Lee Resort 2018

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